I am the mother of two amazing kids, who have shown me the things I was missing in my life. Love.

I was abused as a child, abandoned by my narcissistic mother at 15, to have her come back into my life multiple times, just long enough to cause me pain, and than disappear as if nothing ever happened. I have had some crazy things happen to me that are absolutely unexplainable, and unnecessary, but have taught me some worth while lessons that I am thankful for now. Dating a man twice my age, to have him get arrested and put in a mental hospital for months. Having my best friend turn on me. Having my house destroyed by a man I was dating. Babysitters son being arrested for historic sexual abuse. The list goes on, but I will explain more as I am healing through my writing.

Not everyone will understand why I feel I need to share my story, but all that matters is that I have my reasons.

Peace, love and stay strong!



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