Money hungry 

It has been bothering me more and more lately, as I think about how much money is waisted through large companies,  who could be using this money to help others. These companies, hide their profits by spending money on things like,  packaging changes, contracts to revamp your business every five years, promoting through commercials on television or the radio and any other expense they can find to use towards making it look like they need to spend this money on such things.

Toilet paper companies is a good first example. Who the hell isn’t going to buy toilet paper? Show me this person, and how they are able to go about their daily “duties” without toilet paper. So, these companies make so much money, they need to spend the mass amounts on advertising?  I highly doubt it. In my opinion they do it to spend the excess money so their company doesn’t have to pay as much in taxes.

But do these companies donate the litigated amount yearly? Every company is allowed to make donations which is also good for screwing the government out of those hundreds, thousands or millions in taxes.

Instead of Tim Horton’s,  spending thousands of dollars renovating their locations, approximately every five years, couldn’t they donate that to their local community? They do essentially create ‘local’ jobs, so why can’t this money be put back into the place where they make the money. They’ve got us hooked. We will go there whether they advertise that ‘because of you, we now serve dark roast’ or not! Who gives a rats ass? Really? You know what we care about?  NOT YOUR ROAST OF COFFEE!

Don’t even get me started on tampons and pads. They excess money these companies make should be put into supplying our school aged girls with proper education on the female reproductive system and tampons, for free. Yes free. Instead of spending $30,000 on that T.V ad, knowing we are going to buy them anyways, try filling a school or two with tampons.

This rant started today because of the talk of using the interrupter clause on gasoline before the long weekend. Forcing the price of gas to go up 6 cents per litre. Gas had it’s high fluctuating prices a couple summers ago. Everything went up in price. Cost was just, well more. Since than gas has normalized in pricing even going as low as under a dollar per litre. Where was this cost reflected on our power bills, grocery expenses, or anything else that took a price hike during the previous time in question?

There is so much money that could be going to help under privileged kids and families that are poor and can barely afford the food and tampons they flash before us everywhere we turn. But we don’t live in that world. It’s a disgusting reality knowing that companies would rather find ways to help themselves, while screwing you. The old, look at this hand while the other hand is picking your pocket trick. And everyone falls for it.


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