Finding love in a stranger

Recently I have decided to summon my soul mate. I had my heart broken by the same man over and over for a year. And it really just helped me realize what I don’t want. I thought my heart was broken but it was growing. Waiting to come across the one, that completes my life. Notice I didn’t say completes me? I am complete. I am one whole. I love me. I am happy with being alone, but I want someone to laugh with, grow with, explore with and generally just have to grow old with. 

I have been on POF, for months off and on. It’s a mind blowing place and I keep taking myself off because I let myself believe that I couldn’t find love there. But this time, I went in with an open mind. There are a lot of relationships that start from online dating. 

I finally found someone on there worth talking to. For three days now I have not been able to stop thinking about him. We have so much in common, we believe in the same things. He is romantic, passionate and thoughtful. He compliments me. I feel like I know him and all I have to go on is his picture, profile info, and our conversations. I feel drawn to him. Our lives seem to fit together, with the little bit of information we have.  The fact he lives an hour an a half away, doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I made it an issue with other guys who have tried to contact me. Could I have found love? It’s impossible to know right now. But when we meet, we will know. To be continued…


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