I am creating this blog with the hopes of being able to help others. Almost two years ago I wanted to kill myself. I was in such a bad place. There was so much happening, I felt I couldn’t deal with it all.

So many people are dealing with mental health issues and I too have had my share of “Why am I here?” moments, and I am still here. Stronger than I have ever been. From being abused as a child, to finding out at 30 that a man I searched for at 15, who I thought was my dad, may not be my dad. Once you learn to feel the feelings of failure, or the things that have happened to you, own the mistakes you feel you have made, and you can open your mind to the possibilities of life.

I have tried to come off my medication for anxiety, finally with success. I am hoping to hear from others on their experiences! I hope to be able to help others though my journey of healing.


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